Tree Lopping Services

If you have any trees in your garden at home, you will no doubt have already learned that they can require more care than you might at first think. You may also have received fliers and leaflets for various tree services and wondered why you would need them. Tree lopping services involve trimming sections of a tree which can involve clearing away branches and sometimes shortening the trunk. This can be beneficial either to improve its appearance and reshape it so it fits in better with the landscape design of the garden, or for the health of the tree when it has been damaged, such as by lightning. The point of lopping it is to remove the part of it which is no longer living in order for the rest of the tree to survive and remain healthy. The hope is that the tree will then grow new foliage and branches and eventually regain its former appearance. This is a good alternative to having to chop down it down completely, which would be a bigger task to manage and can be sad for families who have a favorite tree they have watched growing from a sapling over the years – this might sound silly, but trees can really be a majestic and special part of a garden and many people take a lot of trouble to give them the care and attention they need; they also provide a valuable home for birds and other wildlife so maintaining a tree as much as possible has many benefits.

It is important to use professional tree lopping services rather than trying to do it yourself because when trees are cut at certain times of year, there is an increased risk of it being damaged from the trauma and it may become more susceptible to fungi, bacteria and decay. In addition, depending on the type of tree, the new growth springing from the area that was cut might not be as strong as the rest of the tree, which means it may never return to its full glory. New growth can also happen very quickly which means lopping will need to take place more regularly in future. This is why finding an experienced professional to do this work is so vital.

Other reasons why tree removal in Melbourne might be helpful is in the case of very large trees which could pose a risk of falling on your home in severe storms. Similarly, it may be that it obscures the light or a view that you would rather be able to see, or the proximity to your home allows leaves to fall and gather on the roof and fall into guttering, causing troublesome blockages. Something else people often don’t think of is the possible need to lop trees if they have had a swimming pool installed or extension work on the house which has required digging foundations. This sort of work can affect the roots and stability of very large trees, so an expert may decide that lopping is the best course of action for safety reasons. Look for a good tree care service (sometimes known as arboriculturalists) and give your greenery the treatment it deserves!